Post-Pandemic Semiconductor Supply Chain: Can Software Solve the Problems that Persist?

Fab Analytics Survey Results

Can the semiconductor industry return to the status quo? Read about the manufacturing analytics challenges faced by device manufacturers across the globe during the pandemic. And, get insights into what capabilities need to be improved upon or newly developed to be better prepared for a more resilient future. 
Get answers to the following questions and more:
  • How many different equipment analytics solutions does it take to get the intelligence chip manufacturers need?
  • How sophisticated are the analytics capabilities of the software manufacturers use?

  • How satisfied are device manufacturers with their software solutions?

  • Which software capabilities do manufacturers find most valuable?

  • What new capabilities need to be developed for chip manufacturers to keep up with growing demand in the face of ever more complex manufacturing processes?
Survey respondents agree that software is integral to fab operations. Their unmet analytics needs during the global pandemic offer a roadmap to what the semiconductor industry must do to ensure a more resilient future for semiconductor manufacturing.