Shatter the Silos

Start developing on the premier open platform for vendor-independent data monitoring, management, and analytics across the entire production line. 


The future of fab optimization is with an industry-wide, open platform built on a microservices architecture.


While working with global semiconductor manufacturers, Gigaphoton noticed a pattern: each manufacturer struggles with unique challenges that become increasingly complex as chip technology advances. Juggling multiple single-vendor closed solutions and working with traditional software is no longer adequate to tackle these challenges. 

The desire to break down software silos that often hinder productivity inspired Fabscape—an open, vendor-independent data and application platform built to address unique challenges and unlock new solutions. 

Newly released to the public—but already proven over 5 years—global chip manufacturers have used and lauded the Fabscape platform for the customized intelligence solutions Gigaphoton has built to address their challenges.


Now only one question remains—what problems will YOU solve with Fabscape?


Fabscape is an end-to-end data and application platform that offers a single, secure place to retrieve data, transform it, visualize it, and utilize it across every tool in the production line.

Integrate all your existing resources on a single platform and build custom solutions in a matter of days, using virtually any programming language.


Simplify Custom Solutions

  • Build custom features using virtually any programming language

  • Get custom features from your equipment vendors and integrate them on a single platform

  • Hot swap microservices and update parts of your system without affecting the whole platform





Accelerate Your Process

  • Build a single solution that can integrate with any tool in the production line, instead of building multiple solutions tailored to each piece

  • Leverage existing resources by porting them all into Fabscape, so you don't have to build everything from the ground up

  • Because of the microservices architecture, you can build and deploy only the features you need

ai Optimization

Expand Fab Capabilities

  • Build the precise capabilities your fab needs, with virtually no dependencies or limitations

  • Increase advanced analytics capabilities with our AI-ready platform — develop your algorithm, then use Fabscape to turn it into a usable plugin that can be applied across any data set in the production line

  • Unlock new opportunities for vendor-independent intelligence by using a single platform to build applications that leverage data collected from across the production line 

The Fabscape System




  • Collect, manage, manipulate, create, and host all your data from across the production line
  • Manage plugins and drivers that add new capabilities to the system



  • Interact with the standard Fabscape feature set
  • View, manage, manipulate, and visualize data in a single dashboard
  • Customize your experience — develop visualizations and widgets to create the dashboard views that are most useful to you





Developer Kit

  • Leverage libraries, quick guides, and samples to develop drivers that use industry standards to communicate with any piece of equipment in the production line
  • Learn how to create plugins that extract meaningful insights from your data

What's in the trial?


Everything you need to build your own plugins and drivers on Fabscape, plus access to our expert support team.

What's the catch?


In exchange for risk-free, exclusive access to Fabscape, we only ask that you help us make it even better with detailed feedback about your experience.

How long is the trial?

You'll have access for 3 months. After that, you'll have the option to subscribe for continued access to the trial features, plus you'll get access to all the features you need to deploy Fabscape in a full production environment. You will still have access to limited features without a subscription.

Sign up for your free Fabscape trial today!